Gin Kuzunoha is one of the main characters of Kotonoha Project. He is the master of Tsukasa Kuzunoha, and the older brother of Sora Kuzunoha.

Appearance Edit

As a child, he originally had brown hair with green eyes, but throughout his grooming his hair became silver and his eyes became red.

As a young man, Gin has grown out his hair to around neck length in a bob cut, and his eyes go back to green. Overall his expressiveness is mch less apparent than it was when he was younger; he is more stoic and reserved, wearing a flat emotionless face. He wears traditional Japanese clothes at this time, with a blue kimono, a white and blue hanten draped around his shoulders, and purple tabi and sandals. However, he also wears a set of white headphones. When he has his awakening in Tengoku to Jigoku, his hair extends to the tips of his shoulders, turning into a silver and red ombre.

Personality Edit

His personality changes drastically over the course of his development. Where he was once a cheerful, bright eyed kid, time left him more emotionally distant and aloof.

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