Karasumaru Kumano is a honne created by Sora Kuzunoha, and a character featured in Kotonoha Project. In their child and bird forms, they are simply known as Karasumaru.

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As with all honne, Karasumaru has three forms: a childlike form, an adult form, and an animal form.
Both of his human forms five him dark skin, green eyes, and aqua colored hair, with pointed ears a set of multicolored wings. In his child form, the wings are small and sprouting from his back, while they reach down to his lower back in his adult form. His hair is also much longer in his adult form, coming down to the back of his legs. His color scheme is primarily made of pinks and purples with brightly colored patterns. Both forms also have him wear one long elbow length black glove and one black half-glove.
In child form, he wears asymmetrical Japanese clothing, with only one wide sleeve on his left arm and a large white-and-purple rope that is tied around his right side. His bottoms are black pumpkin pants that fan out at the top of his thighs. He is barefoot, but his feet are accented by two pink and purple bandage wraps at the bottom of his legs and an oversized anklet the hangs on his left ankle. He has three orange and yellow feathers on the left and right side of his head as well as on the top.
In adult form, his design is much more symmetrical. He wears an indigo cloak that covers his body and wings, held together by white tassels and straps. Underneath, he wears purple cloud patterned Japanese clothes, with an orange obi tied at the front. His orange feathers show up as three large feathers in the back of his head.
His animal form is a stylized teal crow, with orange eyes and white sclera. His wings are tipped with neon green and his belly is a half circle of white. He has only one orange feather on his head, located in the middle, and wears a red string around his neck.

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