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Kotonoha Project (言ノ葉Project, Word Project) is a song series created for SEGA's arcade rhythm games maimai and CHUNITHM, about the supernatural adventures of Tsukasa Kuzunoha, a teenage boy who can interact with and hear kotonoha, and the various people and incidents that involve those creatures. Beginning in 2015 with the song Kotonoha Karma, the series' canon lasted for 2 years and ten installments, ending with Tengoku to Jigoku in 2017. However, there has been a gaiden song focusing on the parents of Gin Kuzunoha, but that has been the only addition to the series made as of current.

To see a complete list of the people involved in the making of this project, refer to Staff.

Song Series Edit

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Each of the five "chapters" are broken up into two installments; the first of which involves the incident that brings Tsukasa to each troubled character, and the denouement followup that focuses more on the subjects of the songs themselves. The only exception to this is part 5, which switches the formula to focus more on Gin and his backstory in the first part Soushi Sou Ai before finishing up the remaining plot threads in the second part.

The song installments do have an overarching plot, but are mostly episodic, revolving around one given person, their tatemae and honne, and how they factor into each incident.

Chapters 1, 2, and 3 have received official EPs, each containing the Vocaloid, Human, and maimai versions of each Chapter's Part 1 and 2 songs.

Supplementary Materials Edit

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The series' webpage also includes a web novel, expanding on the content of the song series and providing context for some of the characters. In total, the web novel spans across all five main parts, with 105 chapters overall. The gaiden song has yet to receive a chapter of its own yet.

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