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Mai Suzunone is one of the main characters of Kotonoha Project.

Appearance Edit

Mai is a high school girl with shoulder-length brown hair partially tied up in two pigtails. Her eyes are a light blue-green. Her uniform consists of a light brown sweater with a sailor collar, a striped tie, and a red skirt. She wears white boots and grey knee-high socks. She appears to be wearing makeup.

Personality Edit

She appeared to be manipulative and conceited, but this is only a front.

Mai is actually a strong and intelligent girl but perhaps, not feeling confident with her abilities, she put on a front as weak and dumb girl to manipulate the opposite gender into doing her bidding.

After Tsukasa defeated her Tatemae, she appeared to be more forward and confident with herself.

History Edit

Mai use her charms to spread false and misleading words, capturing men in the palm of her hand and toying with them at whim, considering it an enjoyable game.

At one point, she saw Tsukasa walking with Ritsu and she decided Tsukasa as her next target. She approached Tsukasa multiple times and when Tsukasa said he had no interest in her, she questioned his sexuality and pulled on his headphone. Upon Tsukasa hearing those words, her Tatemae materialized as a pastry-spider.

To fight it, Tsukasa summoned Mai's Honne, the child-cat Neerin only to find him to be clinging to him like Mai. Thus having difficulty fending off the pastry-spider Tatemae.

Mai, scared of the situation decided to man-up and grabbed a mop to help in the fight. Upon this, Tsukasa realized that Mai is indeed strong and intelligent and had been feigning the opposite only to beguile men into helping her because she's not confident doing things herself. Neerin, affected by this change, became aware of the weakness of the Tatemae and immediately tells Tsukasa. Tsukasa upon realizing the "true" Mai, re-summoned Neerin into his adult form, Kinu Jakouneko. Kinu swiftly fended off the spider with his traditional paper umbrella and quickly vanquished the tatemae with his katana, hidden inside the umbrellas handle.

Afterwards, Mai no longer beguiled men and grew in confident. She became friends with Tsukasa although he seemed reluctant to the idea. Kinu stayed in his adult form and follows Mai.

Mai is known to have a younger sister.

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