Naruki Miroku is a honne created by Ritsu Kanokawa and one of the main characters of Kotonoha Project. In their child and deer forms, they are known as Gaki-chan.

They are an Ikemen transfer student in the class next to Tsukasa’s. In truth is that they are actually Gaki-chan after a transformation.

Appearance Edit

As with all honne, Naruki/Gaki-chan has three forms: a childlike form, an adult form, and an animal form.

In animal form, Gaki-chan resembles a deer with light brown fur and colorful markings. A large pair of bandages is fastened over their muzzle in an X shape, and they wear a blue belt around their neck..

As a child, Gaki-chan wears a loud and complex outfit which includes, a maroon hoodie with long sleeves that conceal their hands, a pair of geta with plush deer heads on them, a single green stocking on their right leg, and a number of bows on their person. They have the long ears and antlers of their deer form, and do not appear to have any visible eyebrows. As in their deer form, they have a pair of bandages crossed over each other over their nose and a belt around their neck.

As an adult, Naruki wears a much simpler outfit: a pink shirt, a black jacket with the sleeves rolled up and a school emblem on its left breast, black slacks, mismatched shoes, and a wristband on each arm. As in their child form, they have light pink hair with magenta and blonde highlights.

Naruki is frequently seen with candy, primarily lollipops. In all forms, they have heterochromia (their left iris is blue and drawn with thicker lineart than their right, which is electric green and has concentric rings within it) and a bright green tongue.

Personality Edit

Naruki is mischievous and apparently enjoys pulling pranks, watching eagerly in the PV for their song as Tsukasa Kuzunoha is startled by candy falling out of his locker, presumably placed there by Naruki themself. This behavior has gotten them into trouble with Ritsu, who chases them around with a broom as punishment.

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