Ritsu Kanokawa is one of the main characters of Kotonoha Project.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

As a prefect, she strictly adheres to the rules.

At the bottom of her heart, she does not really want to abide by the rules, and instead wants to destroy her serious personality; she is in a state where the rules she should follow are ‘rules which are protecting her’. (In truth, she wishes she could live more freely)

History Edit

After Tsukasa Kuzunoha transferred to her school, Ritsu proceeded to lecture him every day due to his lazy appearance and disregard for school rules. At a certain point, she stopped searching him out on the way to school, however, she continued to tell him off whenever they crossed paths in the hallways.

After about a week or so, the train to school ends up late, and Tsukasa is one of the many students who arrive late to school. Despite this, the prefects (including Ritsu) refuse to open the school's main gates, saying that everyone who arrived late will be marked tardy. The students are then told to line up so that they could be marked down. Tsukasa ignores the orders and does not join the line. Angered, Ritsu walks over to him and interrogates him, however, he ignores her as well. Ritsu then reaches for Tsukasa's headphones, in order to make sure that he is listening to her. She trips, and the headphones slide off completely. She then apologizes, but requests that he follow the school's rules. Still caught off guard, Tsukasa agrees to lining up. Ritsu then says that she will ignore all his past violations of the rules as an apology, but she will report him to the staff next time she sees him doing something wrong. At these words, Kotoware was created.

She is the first person to be helped by Tsukasa's ability.

She is known to have an older brother.