Sora Kuzunoha is one of the main characters of Kotonoha Project. She is Tsukasa Kuzunoha's younger sister, Gin Kuzunoha's blood related little sister, and a fellow fighter of Tatemae.

Appearance Edit

Sora has short pink hair, and wears an eclectic take on a school uniform: a gray jacket with one rolled-up sleeve, a white dress, and asymmetrically-colored lace-up boots. She has what appear to be X-shaped stickers or bandages on her legs, and multiple decorations in her hair.

Personality Edit

Sora's personality is immature and arrogant; she sees herself as a genius compared to her classmates, and holds herself in high regard above them. Tsukasa refers to her as a "chuunibyou", and he is easily annoyed by her bragging and her teasing behavior towards him. Her fight with her Tatemae, however, reveals a more insecure side of her; she has severe issues with self worth and her own identity, and doubts her own skill at fighting Tatemae.

The PV of her song, Blustering Behavior, implies that she enjoys video games, given that she assigns HP, MP, and special skills to herself, her classmates, and Tsukasa.

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